Selling Tips

As a large percentage of our purchasers are in the 50 plus your age group presentation of a property has become paramount. We are finding that properties that are poorly presented or require even minor maintenance are overlooked.
The 50 plus year age group are very disconcerting and are principally ‘work adverse’.

We make the following suggestions:
  1. Stand on the street – how appealing to a purchaser is the property? Does the garden need a tidy up? Can you add some ‘colour’ via quick growing flowers such as petunias etc.
  2. Walk right around the home, look at any areas that need attention. Is there some rubbish ‘hiding’ behind the shed? Could the exterior of the home or shedding be improved with a coat of paint?
  3. Internally: Go through each room and pick out the positives and negatives. Can the negatives be cost effectively improved? This could be a coat of paint, replacing a broken tile or tap ware or de-cluttering a room. If a room has a strong point, such as a garden or sea view, can it be enhanced? Do the carpets need a steam clean?

  4. The aim is to have the home light and bright. Can this be enhanced by upgrading or replacing light globes or opening heavy curtains?
These are just a few suggestions. Your experienced sales agent will be able to help you with more ways to improve either your sale price or your saleability.